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from 25.01.2008

Sergei Sidorsky to meet with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan January 28

Sergei Sidorsky to meet with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan January 28

Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorsky will meet with Deputy Chairman of the Сabinet of Turkmenistan Khydyr Saparlyev on January 28 in Minsk.

Khydyr Saparlyev will head a delegation of Turkmenistan which will come to Minsk to attend the first session of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Turkmenian commission for trade and economic cooperation. A Belarusian delegation will be headed by Vice-Premier Alexander Kosinets.

The session will focus on the prospects of bilateral cooperation in machinery construction, agriculture, education and culture, sport and tourism and also the legal framework of the Belarusian-Turkmenian relations.

Turkmenistan is ranked seventh in Belarus’ foreign trade with the CIS and sixth - in exports. In January-November 2007, bilateral trade amounted to $81.2 million, up 6.4 times over the same period last year. Belarusian exports grew 6.9 times to $80.4 million. Belarus’ major exports are tractors, trucks, spare parts, road equipment, farm machines, tyres, plastic containers, liquid pumps, combustion engines spare parts, bicycles, chemical fibres, rubber bags, foodstuffs, medicines.

In 2007 an increase in exports was due to the contracts between Minsk Tractor Works and Turkmenobakhyzmat for delivery of Belarus-1221 and Belarus-80X tractors at the sum of $55.8 million. An increase was seen in the exports of pastry (8.7 times), tyres (13.6 times), combustion engines spare parts (126.6 times), centrifuges, aggregates to filter liquids or gas (136.3 times), farm tillage machines (7.3 times up), truck and tractor spare parts (26.3 times).

Major imports form Turkmenistan are cotton yarn, raw hide, synthetic fabrics, wool.