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from 16.03.2016

Mikhail Rusy attended the meeting of the Council for cooperation of the Kaliningrad region and Belarus

The Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Rusyi on March 16 participated in a meeting of the Belarusian-Russian Council for long-term cooperation of the Kaliningrad region with the regions and state bodies of Belarus.

As noted, speaking at the meeting, the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Nikolai Tsukanov, all-round cooperation with Belarus is developing, but last year there was a decrease in turnover, which amounted to $ 210 million.USA. "Figure depends on an adverse external economic situation, however, we have reserves for annual increase bilateral trade by 50 per cent," he said.

Speaking about the areas for joint cooperation, Nikolai Tsukanov said that the region is getting ready to stage the world Cup in 2018, the stadium is built, where specialists from Belarus. This sporting event will be also built roads and bridges, expanding infrastructure, hotels are being built, work is progressing on the construction of a sea port to receive cruise ships in summer.

In the region are popular Belarusian products, which are sold in specialty stores.

"We need to restore trade, which reached $ 300 million.USA. On this path, there are barriers, but they can be overcome", - in turn, said Mikhail Rusyi. He noted the need for consideration of issues on the participation of design and construction organizations of the Republic in Kaliningrad tenders for various objects.

Mikhail Rusyi informed on the readiness of Belarusian specialists to join the development in the Russian region of modern cancer hospital construction of the ice Palace and residential houses. Belarusian technologies and planting material used in the creation of regional industrial gardens. Over the past two years in the Kaliningrad region with the support of the regional government planted more than 150 thousand of Belarusian seedlings of fruit trees.

NikolayTsukanov and Mikhail Rusy noted that partnerships in agriculture, construction and other industries will continue.

The composition of the Belarusian delegation, which arrived in the Russian region, composed of the heads of ministries and departments, representatives of Grodno, Gomel and Brest regions, as well as large enterprises.