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from 22.03.2016

Andrei Kobyakov met with the Prime Minister of Georgia Georgi Kvirikashvili

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov on 22 March met with Prime Minister of Georgia George Kvirikashvili.

The talks were held in narrow and expanded formats.

The sides discussed prospects of bilateral cooperation, possibilities of implementation of joint projects in various sectors of the economy.

According to Andrei Kobyakov, Belarus is ready to consider offers on cooperation with Georgia in all spheres.

"We are ready to consider concrete proposals in all fields of activity. I am convinced that today's meeting will give additional impetus to cooperation between Belarus and Georgia", - said the Prime Minister.

According to him, the most important area is trade cooperation between the two countries. "There is a potential multiple increase in the next few years. We are interested in deliveries to Georgia modern MAZ buses, including school modifications that have proven themselves in other countries", - continued the Head of Government.

Belarus offers to supply to Georgia natural gas bus ecological standard Euro-5. They in its technical characteristics is not inferior to Euro-6, but have a significant advantage under the price factor.

In addition, Belarus is ready to supply highly efficient road and utility equipment "Amkodor", the entire range of building and finishing materials. Belarus is also interested in providing the residents of Georgia dairy and meat products, confectionery, canned food, baby food and other products. "A positive example of regional cooperation is the interaction with Adjara. Specific agreements and their implementation has led to the growth of trade, seems to be promising and mutually advantageous interaction in the trade of tobacco raw materials and relevant finished products," - said Andrei Kobyakov.

According to him, significant prospects for the development of cooperation in the field of pharmaceuticals, in the field of science and technology. "We may think we need more use of the expertise of our professionals, who have practical development in the agroindustrial complex, introduction of advanced technologies in production and processing of agricultural products, plant growing, livestock breeding", - said the Prime Minister.

There are the prospects of the parties and partnership development in the construction industry. According to Andrei Kobyakov, the Belarusian construction organization with considerable experience in the field of road construction, engineering, housing, infrastructure and social facilities, are interested in participating in the implementation of projects in Georgia.

"We invite Georgian business to enter the Belarusian market. We can offer the processing of Georgian vegetables, fruits, other products on the territory of Belarus for the purpose of further delivery on the territory of third countries", - he concluded.

In turn, Giorgi Kvirikashvili said that Georgia considers Belarus as an important partner. "The Georgian side intends to deepen bilateral relations in political, trade-economic, humanitarian and cultural spheres", - he stressed.

Following the talks, the Prime Ministers of Belarus and Georgia signed the agreement between the Governments on cooperation in science and technology, and the agreement on creation of the Belarusian-Georgian business Council.

As told journalists following the talks, Prime Minister of Belarus, the two countries are interested in development of mutually beneficial cooperation. "Today we have conducted substantial negotiations with my colleague Georgi Kvirikashvili. By the way, this is the first in the history of diplomatic relations between our two countries, the visit of Prime Minister of Georgia to Belarus", - said the Head of Government.

He recalled that during the visit of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Georgia in April of last year was clearly defined task to a significant intensification of mutual trade between the countries. In the next 2-3 years the level of trade is expected to grow to 200 million USD.

"Last year trade in goods amounted to 45 million USD, which, we believe, is clearly not enough," stressed Andrei Kobyakov.

According to him, countries were able to achieve a balance in trade, and it is mutually beneficial.

Analyzing the prospects of bilateral cooperation, Andrei Kobyakov drew attention primarily on the need for the development of industrial cooperation. In particular, interest is the creation of Assembly plants. In particular, the company "Bobruiskagromash" in conjunction with "MTW" working on the issue of creation of Assembly manufacture of tractors "Belarus", tipper semi-trailers, as well as other mounted and semi-trailer equipment with the participation of Georgian companies.

Another promising project is a joint Assembly of elevators. "Moreover, when the needs of Tbilisi in the replacement of a significant number of elevators, which are predominantly Belarusian, we have a huge potential in increasing direct supply and joint Assembly, - said Andrei Kobyakov. – We believe that this process should be moving. I think that the Georgian Government also sees significant prospects in the implementation of the joint project of Assembly production of elevators".

The sides also discussed prospects for expanding supplies of Belarusian equipment. "We are ready to satisfy the demand of Georgian cities and towns in automobile, passenger, utility and other vehicles, including the conditions of international leasing, - said the head of Government. - The Georgian side is interested in Belarusian MAZ buses, running on compressed natural gas. The Belarusian side has required the supply of such equipment and ready to participate in tenders and to carry out direct deliveries of economic entities of Georgia".

This direction seems to be mutually beneficial. In the future, possibly also a joint production.

Belarus is also interested in participating in infrastructure projects in Georgia, including in the construction and repair of roads. "To participate in such projects Belarus is ready to comprehensive approach, supplying for these purposes, trucks, road-building and municipal vehicles", - said the Prime Minister.

He also drew attention to the fact that given the geographical position of the Republic of Belarus in the centre of Europe and its membership in the Eurasian economic Union, a promising direction is the creation in Belarus of a cooperation processing manufactures of Georgian raw materials and semi-finished products with further access to the markets of third countries.

In addition, mutually Andrei Kobyakov described the cooperation in the field of trade in tobacco raw materials and relevant finished products. Belarusian enterprises are ready to receive tobacco from Georgia, and to put the finished cigarette.

"We also agreed that the intensity of contacts, which this year reached its highest level, must constantly be maintained, - said the Prime Minister. - For this plan this year to hold a third meeting of the intergovernmental Belarusian-Georgian Commission on economic cooperation".

The search for new business partners and further strengthening of mutual trade will contribute to the holding of the National exhibition of the Republic of Belarus in Tbilisi in 2016.

A more active role in developing trade-economic cooperation between the countries should be played by the regions, stressed Andrei Kobyakov. A positive example of regional cooperation is the interaction with Batumi. Specific agreements and their implementation has led to an increase in turnover.

"I am confident that the momentum of the increasing trade flows will serve as the opening of the Belarusian diplomatic mission in Georgia. The corresponding decision of the Government of Belarus made," he said.

"In conclusion, I would like to stress once again that Belarus and Georgia have a mutual interest to significantly increase the level of mutual trade, and the two governments will make necessary efforts for effective implementation of the plans," concluded Andrei Kobyakov.

In turn, Georgy Kvirikashvili added that during the talks "addressed a broad range of topical issues of bilateral cooperation" - in the field of trade, production, transport, communications, agriculture.

Belarus and Georgia have considered the possibilities of cooperation in connection with the initiative of the economic belt of the silk road. "In this regard, we identified ways to enhance the active engagement of Georgia and Belarus in this process. Discussed other important issues, such as how to use the favorable location of our countries in the transport corridors", - said Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

"We have expressed full readiness to continue close cooperation in international organizations. Our countries have great potential for further expansion of economic ties. To facilitate this process an intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation. The next meeting is scheduled for this year," - stated Giorgi Kvirikashvili.

Stressed the importance of organizing mutual visits at the highest level, development of the contractual legal framework.

According to George Kvirikashvili, the Georgians and Belarusians have much in common. "With pleasure I want to mention our ability and desire to further deepen cooperation. And, most importantly, there are no obstacles in the way of development of relations between our countries. Georgia has always been and will be a reliable partner of Belarus," he stressed.

"On behalf of the Government I want to thank you for the warm welcome extended to us and the entire Georgian delegation," concluded the Prime Minister of Georgia.