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from 23.03.2016

Andrei Kobyakov took part in the Belarusian-Georgian business forum

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov on March 23 took part in the Belarusian-Georgian business forum, which was held in Minsk.

Opening the forum, Andrei Kobyakov drew attention to the intensity of Belarusian-Georgian contacts in a variety of formats from 2015 onwards, which indicates a high mutual interest of countries. However, Belarus and Georgia have a lot to do to get out on large-format cooperation, which fully meet the potential of both countries. "And this forum, I hope, will give the opportunity to get to know each other, find common ground, to reach a particular mutually beneficial projects", - said Andrey Kobyakov.

The Prime Minister informed the forum participants about the development of the Belarusian economy. It was noted that the country was among the first thirty countries in the world in the world Bank rating "Doing business 2016" by indicator "international trade". This is one of the strongest positions in the CIS. In the Global innovation index rating Belarus has increased by 24 positions compared with 2013 to 53th place (out of 141 countries). For 5 years in the country created 259 new businesses and industries, more than 19 thousand new highly productive jobs. The export of high-tech and high-tech products in five years exceeded 37 billion U.S. dollars.

According to the human development index of Belarus has taken a worthy 50th place (out of 188). "Compared with 2011, our country stepped forward to 15 positions in this authoritative UN study on the quality of human life in the world and has become the leader among the countries – members of CIS", - said Andrei Kobyakov.

"In the face of a deteriorating global conjuncture, the crisis of our leading trading partners, we could not go out in 2015 the positive trend of GDP growth, but we have ensured low inflation, positive balance of foreign trade in goods and services, improving current account balance balance of payments, equilibrium in the domestic foreign exchange market. Provided linking wage growth to productivity," continued the Prime Minister.

Positive processes was confirmed by the top rating agencies. The new country programme is being prepared for Belarus the European Bank for reconstruction and development.

Belarus has significant economic potential, and stably operating industrial base, coupled with favorable geographic location could allow the country to become a connecting link or "bridge" between East and West.

Its foreign partners Belarus offers competitive tax opportunities and a number of preferential regimes. "Investors – extraction of additional benefits of lower costs and tax burden while placing their businesses in small and medium towns of Belarus," said Andrei Kobyakov. The country has 5 preferential regimes for investors, effectively there are 6 free economic zones. It also has a high-tech Park, residents of which are developers for many technical and software innovations. Actively create powerful Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park "Great stone". "It can be stated that Belarus has created the conditions "for every taste" for the dynamic development of business. As they say, come and play," stated the Head of Government.

Belarus is the initiator and active participant of integration processes, including the Eurasian economic Union launched in the beginning of last year. "Our goal in this project is to help ensure the free movement of goods, services, capital and labour markets of the five States, - he reminded. - But if we look wider is to implement the initiative of "integration", to bring together the EU and the EEU, to build a greater Europe from the Atlantic to the Pacific".

Membership of Belarus in integration associations combine profitable economic and geographical situation, developed transportation and logistics infrastructure, high-developed intellectual and production potential. These factors provide unique opportunities for companies interested in the formation and dynamic development of its business both with the West and of the East.

With the launch of the EEU partners Belarus has implemented significant additional opportunities for implementation of investment projects intended for a large market of the EEU and the EU neighbours.

According to Andrei Kobyakov, an important role in the development of the Belarusian-Georgian partnership is played by the complementarity of the economies. "Georgia exports food products that we cannot produce owing to climatic conditions. Belarus, in turn, supplies foreign markets with a wide range of engineering products that are not manufactured in Georgia, - said Andrei Kobyakov. In this regard, it is promising the creation of the territory of Georgia of Assembly production of Belarusian agricultural equipment, Elevator equipment".

There is another Belarusian products are in demand on the Georgian market: including dairy, wood products, tires, medicines, chemical fertilizers.

"We have something to offer each other in the service sector. Exponentially growing number of Belarusian tourists to Georgia, where they attract both the traditional resorts and opportunities for outdoor activities. We, in turn, developed agro-eco tourism, there are ample opportunities for medical tourism. IT is an area that recently booming in Belarus and came to the world level, will also be interesting for Georgian partners," continued the Prime Minister.

However, the trade volume of 45 million US dollars – can't satisfy neither Belarusian nor, I think, the Georgian side, he said. "I believe that we can significantly increase the volume of mutual trade. To do this, there are good preconditions. As you know, last year was a fruitful visit of the Belarusian head of state in Georgia, which reached a mutual understanding on the main directions of interaction. Significantly expanded legal framework, and established contacts between a number of industries, strengthened inter-regional cooperation", - he said.

The head of Georgian Government invited the business to actively use opportunities of Belarus, which appear in the light of the Eurasian integration, a new "window of opportunity" in the Western direction and development of the Belarus strategic Eastern vector.

"I hope that today's forum will help to develop practical steps to support and stimulate bilateral trade and economic and investment cooperation", - concluded Andrei Kobyakov.