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from 03.06.2016

Andrei Kobyakov made a working visit to Minsk region

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov made a working trip to Minsk region.

Started his working trip with a visit to JSC "Svitanak" (Zhodino), where the Prime Minister reported on the measures taken to stabilize the operation of the enterprise and prospects of its development.

While visiting Andrei Kobyakov instructed the enterprises of light industry to develop the distribution network. "We need to develop the distribution network, but always, every day, to know which products sold, what is in demand. Modern technology allows it", - noted Andrei Kobyakov. The Prime Minister pointed to the need to study variants of the open joint branded stores several manufacturers.

In turn, the Director of JSC "Svitanak" Yuri Lukashevich said that at the present time, the company just actively engaged in the development of its own distribution network. "Our main goal is to strengthen its positions on the markets of Belarus and Russia, and also to work more actively on the European market. Therefore today the company boosts sales through their distribution network, we have 32 brand store in Belarus. Actively work with the private sector. About 200 entrepreneurs are working with us. We appreciate it," said Yuri Lukashevich. According to him, promising is the work on the franchising system.

Next, the Belarusian head of Government got acquainted with the progress of the procurement and production of feeds for 2016 in GP Adenauerallee" smolevichsky district, Minsk region.

Andrei Kobyakov also visited the RUE "Scientifically-practical centre NAN of Belarus on animal industries" in the village Raskoshnoe Smolevichi district. There considered issues on implementation of the orders of the head of State and Government on the scientific development of animal husbandry of the country, and also about the work on creation of modern selection and breeding of new system types in the pig. Andrey Kobyakov got acquainted with the pig farm used for intensive resource-saving technologies for the pig industry. On the dairy farm to the Prime Minister reported about the effectiveness of introducing advanced technologies developed by the RUE "Scientifically-practical centre NAN of Belarus on animal industries", including the milking of cows with the use of a milking installation "Carousel" with the possibility of using milking robots of the new generation.

In agro Budagovo Smolevichi district Andrei Kobyakov visited the pig farm-school, where, in practice, using advanced modern technologies in industrial pig farming. In the same agro Prime Minister acquainted with the work of selection and breeding of a dairy farm of 350 cows and heard a report on the work to ensure tribal enterprises of the Republic of breeding of domestic products with high genetic potential. At the end of the visit, Andrey Kobyakov visited on a pilot goat breeding farm. There he was told about the efficiency of its functioning in the framework of the Union state programmes "BelRosTransgen" and "BelRosTransgen-2".

At the conclusion of the working trip to Minsk oblast the Prime Minister answered the questions of journalists. Andrei Kobyakov noted that the main task in the agro-industrial complex of Belarus in the medium term is to increase the efficiency of production.

"Most importantly, the prospect of the development of agriculture, improving production efficiency. Today considered two main areas - genetics and feed. This is what lies at the heart of our effectiveness: how with little effort and great effect to a larger volume of production", - noted Andrei Kobyakov.

Belarus produces high quality agricultural products, which are supplied not only to domestic market but also for export. "To produce the products we learned. But the questions are related to the fact that often the cost is superior to the results we have from sales. Our task is to boost the economy of agro-industrial complex, and it will be one of the key tasks for 2016-2020", - said the Prime Minister.

Andrei Kobyakov stressed that the selection provides an opportunity with the lowest labor, materialsarray to greatest effect, to ensure the competitiveness of products. "If we're not working on it, next-door neighbors who work with us in some markets, we'll catch up. In the end, we can stay a follower, and this would not be desirable", - he said.

During the working visit, discussed the use of funds in the medium term. "In the next five years funding will be limited, as a matter of fact, in other States. The question is how to correctly use financial resources where to send them. We have to send money first and foremost in terms of growth. One of the points of growth to date, it is genetics," said Andrei Kobyakov.