Andrei Kobyakov took part in the opening of the pavilion "Space" in the Minsk aeroclub of DOSAAF

The pavilion "Space" opened in the Minsk aeroclub of DOSAAF (the village of Borova).

The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov and state Secretary of the security Council Stanislav Zas, cosmonaut of Belarusian origin Pyotr Klimuk, Vladimir Kovalenok, Oleg Novitsky.

In the pavilion of the unique exhibits among which the descent vehicle "Soyuz", tool tray and a space suit Peter Klimuk, the special costumes of the crew of the international space station, a set of in-flight catering for astronauts. Also there you can see the stands with the documents and exclusive photographs (including from the international space station), reflecting the stages of space exploration.

In honor of the opening of the pavilion was organized in upland Airshow: flying different types of aircraft and helicopters aviation DOSAAF, the air force and air defense forces, revealing the jumps of parachutists, air combat plane models and much more.

It is expected that the pavilion will soon be copies of two Belarusian satellites currently in orbit.

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