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from 07.06.2016

Andrei Kobyakov met with Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Philip

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov on 7 June met with Moldovan counterpart Pavel Filip.

The meeting was held before the meeting of the Council of Heads of Governments of States - participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

"I think our meeting today will contribute to that the problems that are taking place, we quickly decided that our business entities could move from simple trade to the implementation of investment projects, - said Andrey Kobyakov. - The more that we have the opportunity quite actively trade in the Eurasian economic Union, you have the opportunity to trade with the European Union. You need to use such opportunities. We invite you to productive dialogue across the spectrum of relationships".

Andrei Kobyakov said that Belarus and Moldova have close ties. Trade and economic relations between countries are developing, despite the difficult economic situation in the world economy as a whole. "Last year we had a very meaningful visit of your President in Belarus," reminded the Prime Minister.

In turn Pavel Filip thanked Belarus for the balanced and constructive approach to the choice of Moldova to move towards European integration. "You can always find common interests. I think the relationships that have developed between our two countries proves that we each other do not hinder, but rather complement," he said.