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from 10.06.2016

Andrei Kobyakov visited Belagro 2016

Belarus Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov has paid a visit to the Belagro 2016 expo.

The Premier got familiar with the exposition of the country’s biggest industrial companies, including the Minsk Tractor Works, and visited a food exhibition and a fishing village.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy, the Belagro expo is a so-called review of the country’s agricultural achievements. “The interest in the exhibition is high. Belagro was visited by the Presidents of Belarus and Russia, government delegations and 13 governors of the Russian Federation. A lot of contracts were signed at the expo. We can say that the exhibition was a success,” he said.

Meat and dairy companies of Belarus concluded 14 contracts worth more than RUB1.2 billion at the expo. Belarus and Russia coordinated the assortment and volume of Belarusian food supplies to Moscow in 2017. The total supplies will make up nearly 250,000 tonnes, including 48,000 tonnes of meat products, 40,000 tonnes of cheese and 11,000 tonnes of curd and 120 million eggs.

A number of commercial contracts were concluded at the 3rd Belarus-Russia Forum of Regions.

The international exhibition Belagro 2016 is underway from 7 to 11 June as part of the Belarusian Agro-Industrial Week in Minsk. The exposition occupied 31,271 square meters on the premises of Minsk 1 Airport. Taking part in the Belagro 2016 are 535 companies from 23 countries.

Collective expositions at the expo are presented by the Agriculture and Food Ministry, Industry Ministry, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, State Science and Technology Committee, Belneftekhim Concern, Bellegprom Concern, Belgospishcheprom Concern, Belcoopsoyuz, Emergencies Ministry, Architecture and Construction Ministry, other ministries and agencies, the private sector and farms.

The exhibition was attended by the participants of the 3rd Belarus-Russia Forum of Regions.