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from 14.06.2016

Andrei Kobyakov held a meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers

A meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers was held on 14 June under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov.

Consider the results of the capacity building and export diversification, as well as the draft National program of support and export development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016 – 2020.

Andrei Kobyakov noted that the export remains a priority for the state scale, therefore, the national program of support and export development based on experience from previous programmes, world leading best practice on export support, and most importantly – the offers of the real sector, regional and business associations, should become an effective tool in the new economic environment.

The Prime Minister recalled that the total growth rate of exports of goods and services forecast to 2016 should amount to 103.5%, in the first quarter of this year - 101,1%. "In fact, over four months have a growth rate of 83.9%, did not reach 16.1 per cent", - he stated.

In quantitative terms, Belarus exported more than last year. So, the index of physical volume of exports for the four months of 2016 amounted to 102.2% compared to the same period last year. "That is, in physical terms, the natural values of the rate of exports have a positive trend", - he said.

A similar situation exists for exports to the Russian market. "In value terms, we have a growth rate of 93.6% for the first four months of this year, while export volume to Russia increased by 5.9%," said Andrei Kobyakov.

According to him, to remain competitive on the Russian and other markets, Belarusian enterprises need to actively work to reduce production costs, allowing for more flexible pricing policy.

The head of Government noted that in Russia and Kazakhstan, the countries - partners of Belarus in the Eurasian economic Union, are actively created the production, which may soon replace separate Belarusian goods. In this regard, the Prime Minister asked the Ministries of economy and foreign Affairs, sectoral ministries, the Academy of Sciences to inform how adjusted the plans of Belarus for the development of industries with the actions of the main trade partners in the Eurasian economic Union.

"What can we offer besides traditional products, petrochemicals and fertilizers on promising markets, respectively, which export production is necessary to create and develop in 2016-2020? he said. - I would also like to hear the opinion of the SCST, national Academy of Sciences, the economy Ministry in achieving the 20% high-tech exports in total exports by 2020".

Andrei Kobyakov drew attention to the negative dynamics on the supply of Belarusian goods to the European market. "We have lost more than 32 per cent of the value of exports and have 92% of the growth rate of physical volumes," he explained. - Significantly reduced the supply of goods fuel and energy group, certain types of metal products, machinery".

Concern and data on exports to China. "Why has not yet yielded the expected results for Assembly production, what are your future plans in this direction?" - asked a reasonable question Andrei Kobyakov.

According to him, Belarus is open for Iran. "The sanctions are lifted, there are additional opportunities that our exporters are not used," he said. - New position in the exports to this country did not appear, and deliveries of traditional goods – tires, synthetic fiber, trucks – reduced. We need to radically revise approaches to the development of trade-economic cooperation with this country. Waiting for thoughtful suggestions and actions".

Similar situation with Vietnam. The exports to this country decreased significantly. One of the main reasons – low level of diversification of exports almost the entire volume is accounted for potash and trucks. "The situation must be remedied, especially with the creation of the free trade area, signed an agreement on industrial Assembly", - said the Prime Minister.

According to him, there are opportunities to increase exports to the canadian market. "Canada lifted sanctions against Belarus. More than 11 times in the first quarter increased supplies of Belarusian products to this country - said Andrei Kobyakov. - It is clear that base until there is significant, but the trend is very positive. Have the potential for growth in this area". In this regard, the Prime Minister was asked to voice the opinion of the Ministry of industry and concern "Belneftekhim" on the organization of supply on the market of Belarusian mining equipment, large tires.

Andrei Kobyakov stressed that the most careful attention is the work on information support of export. In everyday practice it is necessary to implement the latest technology to disseminate information on export opportunities of Belarus and its achievements.

Andrei Kobyakov also set a task to intensify the work on servicing equipment in foreign markets.

The head of Government asked the meeting participants to Express their opinion in general as on current issues of export development and the draft National program of support and export development for 2016 – 2020.

"Waiting for objective assessment of the issues being discussed", - he concluded.

In its report, the Minister of foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei informed that the forecasts for export of goods not yet performed. "But we see a gradual reduction of the backlog, he said. - It is important that this trend is clearly seen since the beginning of the year dynamics of exports of major Russian market in January the decline in exports stood at 16.1% in Jan – APR of 6.4%".

For a number of major commodity positions experienced a significant increase in physical volumes of supplies, including butter (over 34%), wood chipboards – 82%, trucks – by more than 10%.

"But, unfortunately, not everything depends on us," said Vladimir Makei. - A striking example - the situation with the export of petroleum products. With the growth in physical volumes of exports by 1.3% in value terms, the decline amounted to 35.5%, due to known changes in the conjuncture on the world market". According to him, similar to the situation with the supplies of crude oil, liquefied natural gas, fertilizers, sugar. "Without regard to the named headings the decline in exports in January-April amounted to 5.1%, and for all goods - 18.4%. Despite the fact that in January of 2016 was 12.2%", - he informed.

The foreign Minister drew attention to the positive dynamics of export supplies to Ukraine. "Not bad in General are supplies in Ukraine, which managed to increase by 20%, that it was difficult to count given the difficult situation in the Ukrainian economy", - he said.

Vladimir Makei stressed that the share of Belarusian exports imports major trading partners generally remains on the level of previous years, and in some countries increased. So, for the first two months of 2016, the proportion of Belarus import of Russia has increased by 0.29%, Ukraine – by 1.64%, Poland – 0.20%, the Netherlands – 0.16%.

"In other areas, too, there is some progress, although not very significant. All this gives grounds for cautious optimism in respect of the performance of predictive tasks for 2016 as a whole", - said the Minister.

Following the meeting, Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov instructed to finalize the draft National program of support and export development of the Republic of Belarus for 2016 – 2020 based on today's discussion.