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from 09.07.2021

Roman Golovchenko outlines priorities for Belarusian tax authorities

Digitization of record-keeping and tax payment control procedures should be a priority in the development strategy of the country's taxation system, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said during an official event timed to Tax Authority Worker's Day.

“The tax authorities are an important element in the public administration system. Its hard and fruitful work contributes to strengthening the economic security and stability, facilitates successful implementation of socially important projects and improvement of people's living standards,” Roman Golovchenko noted.

In recent years, Belarus has been upgrading its taxation system, the Prime Minister pointed out. “We introduced innovative technologies that help increase the efficiency of the taxation system significantly and make interactions with taxpayers more convenient. Transparency and improvement of taxation services became priority tasks that helped simplify the dialogue between the government represented by the taxation authorities and citizens,” he added.

“In view of unprecedented pressure on our country, it is important to generate state budget revenues that allow achieving the country's priorities. The key elements are favorable business environment and transparency of business activities, voluntary fulfilment of tax obligations, reduction of shady tax evasion schemes to a minimum, and fight against low violators. The task of the tax authorities is to find and propose to the Government the optimum balance that would facilitate the development of the country's economy and ensure state budget revenues. The tax authorities do a lot to reduce the tax burden on companies. While the number of inspections decreased, their effectiveness improved,” Roman Golovchenko pointed out.

In the age of digital economy, it is important to focus on introducing new advanced mechanisms and tax instruments, integrating national systems of tax payment control and product labeling with similar systems of the EAEU member states, the prime minister stressed. “Full digitization of the tax administration system and the introduction of a smart system of tax evasion risk assessment will contribute to the creation of modern IT infrastructure of the tax authorities. This should be the number one priority of your development strategy. The development of digital interactions with taxpayers and automation of tax administration processes will facilitate advancement of integration processes, establishment of international business ties, and simplification of trade relations between economic entities and countries,” Roman Golovchenko said.

Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration Olga Chupris presented honorary certificates of the Belarus President Administration to employees of the tax authorities. Roman Golovchenko awarded honorary certificates of the Council of Ministers and Prime Minister's commendation letters.

Some employees of the tax authorities also received honorary certificates of the State Control Committee, the State Customs Committee, and the National Assembly, commendation letters of the chiefs of State Control Committee and the State Customs Committee, as well as the anniversary medal celebrating the centennial anniversary of the State Control Committee of Belarus and the State Customs Committee's badge “For distinguished services”, 2nd class.

Photo: BelTA