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from 15.07.2021

Roman Golovchenko calls to revive local enterprises to boost regional growth

It is important to revitalize local companies across the regions, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko told journalists on 15 July.

The Prime Minister visited the Ivenets branch of Slodych Confectionery Factory. The enterprise launched a new production line to make dairy, jelly, souffle and fondant sweets. The head of Government was updated on the enterprise's modernization effort and development prospects.

The new production line will help increase the output and create new jobs in the region. This is an important import-substituting and export-oriented project.

“The enterprise got a new lease on life after it was declared bankrupt and was in the process of liquidation. This unwanted asset got into good hands who took advantage of a number of opportunities that opened and managed to turn things around and make this asset profitable. The previous owners failed due to a number of reasons, the enterprise could not service debts and went into reorganization and subsequent liquidation. It is very important that the enterprise was taken up by a stronger competitor - Slodych Confectionery Factory. In a short period of time, it managed not only to restart production, but also to achieve quite impressive results. Demand exceeds production capacity,” Roman Golovchenko said.

The Prime Minister noted that a lot remains to be done. “For a long time the enterprise did not receive major investment, it is necessary to bring it into shape. But the most important thing is that it has got a new lease on life. This is of great importance for the settlement of Ivenets and its residents. In addition, Slodych has plans to do the same with the Molodechno confectionery. We will discuss how to use this expertise and knowledge at other enterprises that found themselves in a quandary for a variety of reasons. We need to bring them back to life,” the head of Government said.

Roman Golovchenko held a working meeting with senior officials of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Volozhin District Executive Committee. “Today the regional authorities outlined their vision of the region's development in the current five-year plan. Regional development is important for the country's dynamic social and economic growth. We have done a lot for the country's economic mainstays, Minsk, oblast capitals, now the regions are on the agenda,” he noted. The parties discussed development prospects and investments in the region.

“One of the tasks is to improve social services, including education and healthcare, as well as entertainment. Every year we invest in our social infrastructure. For example, there are plans to overhaul the surgery department of the central district hospital. All other hospital departments have already been upgraded,” Chairman of the Volozhin District Executive Committee Yevgeny Krukovich told reporters.

Photo: BelTA